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Valvoline Oil Change

Changing your oil on a regular basis is one of the most important things you can do for your car’s engine and scheduling a Valvoline oil change will ensure you get a high quality oil for your engine. Even though the actual mileage between oil changes can vary slightly from car to car, most manufacturers recommend an oil and filter change about every 10,000 miles to keep your engine protected from excessive wear and damage. Depending on the type of driving you are doing, you may not have to change it as often but it can’t hurt if you do.

The most punishing type of driving happens when you spend a lot of your drive time in traffic. The constant stop and go of city driving make your engine run hotter and can affect how well it stays lubricated. Less expensive oils used in many quick oil change locations can’t stand up to this type of punishment and may leave your engine at risk. A Valvoline oil change uses a higher quality oil that is designed to last under the harshest driving conditions and will provide the ultimate protection for your vehicle.

Most motor oil will break down over time in your engine because of heat and can lose some of its lubricating properties. When this happens, the moving parts of your engine may start to wear quickly because of the excessive friction that develops. Small pieces of these parts can start to chip off and float around to other parts of your engine. This can be the beginning of some very expensive repairs that could have all been prevented with a timely Valvoline instant oil change.

This type of service offers a number of other valuable checks and adjustments of your car that lesser oil change services may miss. The Valvoline instant oil change includes up to 5 quarts of pure Valvoline oil and a new Valvoline oil filter as part of the service. Your old oil is removed and replaced with the new oil and filter while you wait. In addition to changing the oil, a Valvoline oil change also includes an additional 12-point inspection to uncover any other potential problems with your car. This inspection covers transmission fluid, power steering fluid, windshield washer fluid, antifreeze/coolant, tire pressure check, air filter inspection, serpentine belt check, wiper blades exam as well as a verification of your vehicles lights. Having these extra inspections done as part of your Valvoline oil change will help you catch a problem early before it turns into an expensive repair or leaves you stranded while driving. If any of these areas need addressing, you can have them taken care of as part of your Valvoline oil change appointment.

You also have a choice over the type of oil used with your oil change. You can select from four different grades of oil that range from conventional to advanced synthetic formulas that last longer in your engine. Each of these oils are designed to keep your vehicle running in top shape and which one you choose as part of your next Valvoline instant oil change is up to you. The local service team can help you with your decision and explain the differences between them.

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